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Andrew Woods, Independent Commodity Services

Andrew Woods, Independent Commodity Services
Andrew has a background in farming. He was raised in the Riverina on Mulberrygong, a property near Hay. After securing a degree in Agricultural Science at the University of Sydney, he spent eight years farming in both northern and southern NSW. A move to wool broking in 1991 saw an interest in market analysis burgeon. Following a stint in Adelaide with Elders in the mid-1990s, he and his family moved to Wagga Wagga in 1997 to start Independent Commodity Services (ICS), with the help of Holmes Sackett and Associates. ICS services a wide section of the wool industry ranging from growers through brokers to traders and exporters. Andrew is the market analyst at ICS.

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A supply and currency boosted wool price cycle

Greasy wool prices have weakened in the past couple of months, from high levels, so the natural question is “What is going on?”. This article is an assessment of the background to the current wool market to help understand where prices are likely to go.

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