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Angus Brown
Angus started as a commodity market analyst for Ag Concepts Unlimited in 2003 after completing an Agricultural Science/Commerce degree at the University of Melbourne. Since then, Angus has had extensive experience in providing advice to livestock, wool and grain growers. Angus recently moved back to the family farm at Hamilton, where he implements his knowledge of markets on a daily basis. Angus also uses his strong analytical and communication skills to provide analysis and commentary for Mecardo.
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I don’t like the grain price, but I need the cash!

Posted by Angus Brown on 23 November 2015

It’s not often headers are out in south western Victoria in November, but just yesterday a grower started harvesting Canola next door.  As with many growers, it’s decision time in terms of marketing. In terms of Canola, the $20 fall in price in the last fortnight has made the initial plan to simply sell Canola at harvest now a little less palatable. 

Wheat prices have also eased as we moved into harvest, with wheat values falling on the back of lower international markets. These falls in price present a conundrum for the growers who need cash, but don’t like the price.

Does that sound familiar?

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Topics: Risk management, Grain market / grain price, Bank Swaps

Mutton cheap or lamb market expensive - or everything expensive?

Posted by Angus Brown on 4 September 2015

Why do we think that mutton is cheap and the Eastern States Trade Lamb Indicator (ESTLI) is fairly priced? Couldn’t an alternative conclusion be that the ESTLI is over-priced and mutton is about right, or over-priced as well?  This was a question posed last week by one of our regular readers following the publication of the Mecardo article Mutton still a good buy, while Merino lambs proving dear. So which is right?

Read Mecardo's latest analysis of lamb prices

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