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Is the traditional financing model broken (or brokered)

Posted by Olivia Agar on 15 January 2018

The nature of financing for small to medium businesses, particularly in rural communities, isn’t quite what it was 20 years ago. Relationships with a single bank, spanning generations are increasingly rare. For farmers and rural businesses, rationalization of regional banks and the revolving door of bank managers causes disruptions to customer service which has stripped away much of the appeal and reduced the value of having a longstanding relationship with a bank.

Small business owners are now placing more value on a personalized approach to finance, seeking greater flexibility and support from their lender which is driving them to search for alternative options or a more competitive offer on their finances.

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Agtech Visions: Will lab grown meat supercede animal agriculture?

Posted by Olivia Agar on 6 January 2018

Porterhouse Steak $34.00 –grown from the finest myosatellite cells of a 100 day grass fed Black Angus in a bioreactor.

While this doesn’t quite kick the salivary glands into action, it could be the story of providence on the menu at any fine dining restaurant in the future (like this one). Well, that is if we are to believe that the hype around ‘lab grown’ meat can become a reality.

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Rain, hail or shine: is multiperil crop insurance the answer?

Posted by Olivia Agar on 8 December 2017

I know I’ve probably lost a few readers just from the mention of insurance, but for the greater good I will persist. This season we saw optimism in the harvest spread far and wide until mother nature unleashed a series of abnormal weather events. We’ve all heard the stories of those that are uninsured. The devastation from hopes for a good year to a near wipe out so close to harvest have been felt widely.

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An Unexpected Journey to Agriculture

Posted by Olivia Agar on 24 November 2017

How did a 24-year-old girl from Sydney's southern suburbs of 'The Shire', with no family ties to farming end up set well into a career in agriculture? Well that’s an excellent question, and one I get asked often, generally accompanied by very baffled expressions from the asking persons.

Given National Agriculture day this week, and a time to celebrate all things agriculture, I'm going to share the tale of my unexpected journey into Ag.

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Protect yourself from receivership

Posted by Olivia Agar on 29 March 2017

The Australian grain sector has lost over $54 million since deregulation due to trader insolvencies. Using written contracts and dealing with known businesses may help reduce counterparty risk but unfortunately when it comes down to claiming legal property title, someone else may have already beaten you to it.

In this article we look at how the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR), can be used to protect from counterparty risk not just for grain, but any other agricultural transaction. 

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