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Backing the live cattle trade

Posted by Olivia Agar on 20 June 2018
Olivia Agar

There’s no question that the live export trade is the headline hogger of the agriculture industry. It’s a topic that, whether for or against, many people feel strongly about and so emotions and ethics tend to drive a lot of the passion fuelled debate at public and government level.

As you know, at Mecardo we like to strip things back to the raw data and facts but this time we need your help to collect them.

LiveCorp and Meat and Livestock Australia have engaged Mecardo to undertake an economic analysis of the live cattle export supply chain and the value of the trade at a regional level across Australia.
Our extensive datasets on the livestock markets are key components of this research, however, to determine the value of the live cattle trade to regional businesses across the value chain, this calls for up to date information direct from industry participants.

We have created two surveys to collect this information:

  • Assessing the value of live cattle export to regional Australia (for exporters and producers- 10 min)
    Take the survey
  • Value of the cattle live export trade to regional businesses (all industry participants- 2 min)
    Take the survey


Survey 1 is designed for producers and exporters involved in live cattle export, while survey 2 is for any businesses in the value chain of live cattle export. This may include producers, vets, transport operators, banks, agents, insurers and port operators etc. 

Collecting current economic and employment information is key to ensuring that this research provides an accurate assessment of the industry. It will be an important tool to help support the live cattle export industry going forward by providing evidence of its value to Australia at a National level, and to the individual businesses which rely on the trade.

The survey closes shortly so If your business is involved in the live cattle trade, please take the time to complete the survey, or distribute to any in your network that it is relevant to.

As part of this research, we have also produced a series of short summaries on the live cattle export market that provide an overview of the industry. If you would like to watch click below:

Live cattle export industry overview

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