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Can Angus cattle hold onto their premium?

Posted by Robert Herrmann on 17 July 2019
Robert Herrmann
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Producers of 100% Angus cattle have been enjoying a premium over non-Angus breeds for most of the last five years. As Wagyu producers have learnt in recent times, the presence of a quality breed branding doesn't guarantee a sustainable premium. Robert Herrmann discusses the risks and opportunities for the Angus breed in his presentation at 'Angus through the Ages'.

The presentation 'What is the Angus premium and what is it worth?' was recorded at the Angus Australia conference held in Albury in May and is now available online. 

Mecardo has also written a number of analysis articles on the Angus premium. 

Analysis: 100% Angus provides a benefit now

Analysis: Angus survives another grilling

Topics: cattle, Angus, presentation

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