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Commodity Conversation Recap

Posted by Andrew Whitelaw on 23 April 2019
Andrew Whitelaw
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The Commodity Conversations podcast has been running for the past month and we think they are great to listen to when in the tractor or on the commute.

In this update we provide you with a recap of our recent episodes.
If you haven’t yet joined us by tuning into the podcast, here’s what you can expect:

Conversations- The Mecardo team and industry guests discuss a hot topic or issue challenging the agriculture industry. Our aim is to bring you the perspectives of some diverse and passionate people working in all pockets of the supply chain to have a balanced discussion.

Market updates- Weekly updates to provide a quick and simple summary of the major drivers in the agricultural markets.

Here’s a recap of the Commodity Conversations we’ve had so far:

#1 Social licence in agriculture:

The Mecardo team discuss the new buzzword of the industry ‘social licence’, do we actually need to take notice?

#2 Agtech – is it all hype?:

Joined by Dwain Duxson from Farm Tender we discuss the hype around agtech, giving an outside perspective on innovation and the value of failure in improving your business.

#3 An Aussie taking on Africa:

Robert Herrmann brings you a conversation from Kenya talking to Stuart Barden, an Aussie farmer that’s taking on Africa and sharing conservation farming techniques with smallholder farmers.

#4 Live export- 1 year on from the Awassi Express:

Mecardo analysts Andrew Whitelaw & Matt Dalgleish discuss the live export industry one year on from the 60mins footage of the Awassi Express. The discussion includes alternative origins for live sheep, the economic impact to WA and why Animals Australia were incorrect in their assessment and the value of live export to regional communities.

If you have an interesting idea for a topic or would like to be considered as a guest, we’d love to hear from you

All our podcast episodes can be accessed using the following links:


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Thanks and stay tuned

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