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Posted by Olivia Agar on 17 October 2018

The Mecardo team is currently planning the future direction of our business and we need your assistance.

We would like to know what we are doing right, and more importantly what we are doing wrong.

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Agriculture in the age of outrage

Posted by Andrew Whitelaw on 17 October 2018

We inhabit a world of outrage, which has only been amplified by the ability to generate considerable 'noise' on social media. It can seem like agriculture is under constant threat from campaigners with various outrages or causes. 

In this opinion piece we look at the data on public (not activist) interest in several controversial agricultural topics and we will provide some ideas on how we should use the fickle nature of public opinion.

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Topics: Australian wool industry, Australian cattle industry, Agriculture, activists

Employee empowerment – does it actually work?

Posted by Josh Peters on 5 September 2018

We’ve heard it repeated many times from various experts across different channels: when employees are empowered at work, they are more effective workers and are more committed to their job.

However, is this actually the case?

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Topics: management, staff

Leadership and other musings

Posted by Robert Herrmann on 5 September 2018

Leadership is often sought as some sort of pinnacle in a chosen field, something to be aspired to when seemingly other more humdrum accomplishments have been completed.

In fact, this is the deception of leadership, the gaining of leadership is not the end game, it is just the beginning of a responsibility that few are prepared for and most attempt to “learn on the job.”

Whether leading a company, a movement, an industry or a team, good leaders can achieve great things via their team, members or staff. The obvious paradox is that poor leaders can hold back the organisation or team leaving an unfulfilled or sometimes worse situation.

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Topics: Agriculture, management, leadership

The state of farm management deposits

Posted by Andrew Whitelaw on 5 September 2018

Up, down, up, down, down, down & up. Farming is one of the most variable occupations in the world. Our profitability is determined by several factors including drought, pricing & government intervention. Australia is lucky to have access to farm management deposit (FMD) accounts to mitigate the impact of seasonal conditions. In this update we look at the state of FMD accounts at present during the drought.

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Topics: Risk management, Agriculture, Farm management deposits, Drought

Farming for the future

Posted by Caitlin Grieve on 22 August 2018

In 1932 Winston Churchill’s essay “50 Years Hence” predicted that society would “escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing, by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium”. Today, scientists and farmers are fulfilling Churchill’s vision, combining technology, science and sustainability to develop creative approaches to food production, such as entomophagy, which is insect eating, and fake meat..

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Topics: insects, fake meat

What will the wheat genome map mean for the fight for acres?

Posted by Robert Herrmann on 22 August 2018

The announcement that scientists have successfully mapped the wheat genome is significant. Firstly, for the fact that the scale of this achievement is huge; the wheat genome map is five times the size of the human genome map.

But also important is the impact this will have on wheat as a source of food supply into the future, and by extrapolation the effect this event will have on future land use in general.

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Topics: wheat, science, Land use

The next person you hire could make or break your team

Posted by Josh Peters on 22 August 2018

The next employee you hire will play a huge role in how your business can meet its goals and objectives – or, they could be the reason why you don’t. The effect your newest employee will have is entirely dependent on who you choose to hire.

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Topics: business

Agriculture is getting its game on

Posted by Will Nack on 1 August 2018

A perceived major issue in Ag is the labour employment challenge, and with every innovation, we see less labour employed as a result. So how substantial is this labour crisis really? This decline in labour employed may be more a symptom of a changing Agriculture industry. A new generation is stepping up to the challenge and with fresh blood comes fresh ideas.

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Topics: technology

Washing and rolling over grain contracts

Posted by Andrew Whitelaw on 31 July 2018

In many areas of the country the outlook for the crop looks bleak. There are many farmers out there who have forward sold grain and will not have the production to deliver.

Washing out a forward sold grain contract is a stressful action. In this short article, we will look at washouts and rollovers - and why it is so important to look at it early. 

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Topics: Grain market / grain price

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