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Is the traditional financing model broken (or brokered)

Posted by Olivia Agar on 15 January 2018

The nature of financing for small to medium businesses, particularly in rural communities, isn’t quite what it was 20 years ago. Relationships with a single bank, spanning generations are increasingly rare. For farmers and rural businesses, rationalization of regional banks and the revolving door of bank managers causes disruptions to customer service which has stripped away much of the appeal and reduced the value of having a longstanding relationship with a bank.

Small business owners are now placing more value on a personalized approach to finance, seeking greater flexibility and support from their lender which is driving them to search for alternative options or a more competitive offer on their finances.

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Getting the farm enterprise investor ready.

Posted by Robert Herrmann and Olivia Agar on 7 April 2017

Australian farm enterprises have much going for them; management skills honed to the local conditions, robust and transparent markets, constant new technology and innovation upgrades and a relatively stable political climate.

The challenge is capital funding, especially funding to grow the business. The good news is that there is plenty of capital around; the challenge is how do farmers access this capital.

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Disruptive financing models in agriculture

Posted by Andrew Whitelaw on 19 February 2016

In the last few years there has a been an upsurge in ‘disruptive’ business models revolutionising the way we live. The biggest examples of this disruption has been in the taxi industry (Uber), travel accommodation (Airbnb) and project financing (crowd funding).

In this article we are going to look at three alternative financing models emerging in agriculture which may disrupt the traditional avenues for revenue raising in the coming years. It is regularly pronounced that Australia is going from the ‘mining boom’ to ‘dining boom’. However, the opportunities for small scale investors have been limited; will new models solve this?

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Topics: financing, crowdfunding, agriculture debt, p2p lending, peer to peer lending, fractional investment, disruptive finance

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