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You are not farming correctly.

Posted by Andrew Whitelaw on 3 January 2019

As a serious professional farmer in 2019 it is well understood that “best practice” means you take care of your land, you take care of your animals/crops and you are economically astute. 

Despite that it doesn't matter what you or the industry believes is appropriate. We live in an era of ‘Social Licence’ where the opinion of the ill or under informed has the capacity to determine the future of your farm and its practices.

In this article I take a look at some risks related to the pursuit of social licence.

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Topics: leadership, activists, agricultural industry

Leadership and other musings

Posted by Robert Herrmann on 5 September 2018

Leadership is often sought as some sort of pinnacle in a chosen field, something to be aspired to when seemingly other more humdrum accomplishments have been completed.

In fact, this is the deception of leadership, the gaining of leadership is not the end game, it is just the beginning of a responsibility that few are prepared for and most attempt to “learn on the job.”

Whether leading a company, a movement, an industry or a team, good leaders can achieve great things via their team, members or staff. The obvious paradox is that poor leaders can hold back the organisation or team leaving an unfulfilled or sometimes worse situation.

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Topics: Agriculture, management, leadership

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