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What's the value of the live sheep export trade?

Posted by Mecardo on 17 July 2019

There’s no question that the live sheep export trade is an important market for many Australian sheep producers, but it also supports a raft of other businesses along the supply chain. Help us to determine the value of the live sheep trade to regional Australia and participants in the supply chain by completing these short surveys.

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LiveCorp has engaged Mecardo to identify and outline the economic benefit that flows from the live sheep export trade to participants in the Australian supply chain. This study will not only focus on sheep producers and exporters, but all participants in the live sheep export supply chain.

In key live export regions, many businesses are heavily reliant on the industry for revenue either directly or indirectly. Shearers, vets, dock workers, stockmen, agents and provedores are just some of the businesses which support the live sheep trade. It is important that the value of the industry to these supply chain participants is assessed.

Collecting up to date information from industry participants is key to ensuring an accurate assessment - and we want to hear from all participants in the supply chain, including agents, transporters, vets, ship crews and more! 

Exporters and producers are encouraged to complete both surveys below, while all others in the supply chain are asked to complete survey 1. Each will take just 2-5 minutes.

  1. The value of the live sheep trade to supply chain participants survey – for all participants of the live sheep export supply chain
    Take the survey
  2. The value of the live sheep trade to regional Australia survey - for sheep producers and exporters Take the survey

The surveys will be open until the 30th of July and all results will remain anonymous.

Results of this survey will be an important tool to help support the live sheep export industry going forward by providing evidence of its value to Australia at a National level, and to the individual businesses which rely on the trade.

Please take the time to complete the survey and distribute to any in your network that it is relevant to. 

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